1) What is the shipping time for a custom glove?

All custom glove orders take 6-8 weeks to receive from the time the order is placed. Please check your order date before contacting us. We understand you’re excitement to receive the glove and will only respond to shipping inquiries if we have failed to stay within the allotted 6 week shipping window.
NOTE: Although custom orders are expected to arrive in 6-8 weeks, delays do periodically occur due to high volume and other reasons. Delays could add an additional 2-3 weeks on top of your estimated shipping time.

2) What is the exchange / refund policy for a custom glove?

Since all gloves are custom made to customer’s specifications, there are no refunds or exchanges unless there is a manufacturer’s error. A manufacturer’s error may include an: incorrect color, incorrect throwing hand, and/or incorrect spelling. In the event of a manufacturer’s error, we will remake the correct glove. There are no refunds. ·  Please note: We will only remake the correct order. Changes to the original glove are NOT permitted.

  • In the event a glove is remade, please allow another 6-8 weeks for delivery

3) Once I submit my order, can I change any of the custom glove selections?

In order to meet your shipping expectations, all custom glove orders immediately go into production upon submitting the order. Therefore; custom glove selections cannot be changed once an order is placed. All custom glove orders are final. Be sure to review all selections before submitting your order. There are no exceptions

4) How do I break in my glove?

While there are many shortcuts to breaking in a glove, we only recommend 1 method. To break in your glove, play a lot of good old fashioned catch, Once you’re finished with this process each day, put a ball in the pocket of your glove and tie a rubber band around the glove. This will also help preserve the pocket and shape of your glove.

5) Warranty?

The warranty covers
defects in workmanship and materials, not damaged from misuse. Alvarez Gloves will determine whether repairs or replacement is appropriate

Gloves that have been dunked in water or put in the oven to Break in are not covered by this warranty.

6) What Leathers are used to make Gloves?Premium Steerhide

Premium Steerhide Leather is taken from the back of the shoulder of a full grown hide. Since the back of the shoulder is the strongest part of the hide, Premium Steerhide Leather is stronger and more durable than traditional steerhide. Premium Steerhide Leather is worn by major leaguers and serious ball players ages 10 and up

7) Payment

All Purchasing Transactions will be paid thru Ebay and Paypal will be available for payments