I started Alvarez Gloves for the love of the game , , Having Played the game for many years and having the honor of  coaching many kids and teaching them the fundamentals of the game, I felt that it was time to bring a great quality glove in to the market.

Growing up in the Inner City and never being able to afford a  High Quality Baseball Glove is what drove me to pursue our dream.

And that dream was to manufacture a baseball glove and make it affordable for those kids that can’t afford a High Quality Glove.

Through trial and error , determination, dedication, and exemplary customer service, we’ve built a solid, reputable company, and a product that is both exceptional in quality and affordable.

Our goal is to have handcrafted Alvarez Gloves in the hands of every team and league in the Midwest, and throughout the United States.

As we continue to grow, we will strive everyday – to Carefully craft and tailor every Alvarez Custom Glove, to bring our love of the game and a great product to you, our valued customer.